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"Beatnik" =
One who thinks and expresses freely by rejecting conventions and mainstream standards, and therefore thrives on creativity and appreciates art and beauty.


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Strange things are happening on the Sun. Learn how to be an amateur Solar astronomer.
Courtesy of Ohio Spectrographic Service - download this FREE MP3 audiobook:

Video Solar Observing and Recording in White Light and H-Alpha,
by: Alexander Panzer (read by: Deborah Kerr) 22Mb mono 192Kbps.

Learn how your articles, college papers, and essays can be published as an audiobook.


Audiobooks may be the answer!
According to a 2007 report by the National Endowment for the Arts; 40% of American adults from the ages of 25 to 44, and nearly 50% of those from the ages of 18 to 24, NEVER read books for pleasure! Not literary classics, not romances, not mysteries, not self-help books - not even the Bible. Yet these adults are NOT illiterate... they simply choose not to read for pleasure!

So, how is this iPod generation going to be exposed to all the great literature? Why AUDIOBOOKS of course! So do your part to help America... buy a CoolBeat Audiobook.


Perfect for Halloween
Courtesy of Robert Ryan - download these FREE MP3 audiobooks:

The Lurking Fear, by: H. P. Lovecraft (read by: Robert Ryan) 56Mb stereo 96Kbps.

The Tell-Tale Heart, by: Edgar Allan Poe (read by: Robert Ryan) 13Mb stereo 96Kbps.

If you enjoyed these stories, you might enjoy: The Craig Strete Collection


Santa is on his way...
Courtesy of Bob Barnes - download this FREE MP3 audiobook:

A Visit from St. Nicholas, by: Clement Clarke Moore (read by: Bob Barnes) 3Mb mono 128Kbps.


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Formerly owned and operated by the Audio Publishers Association, this discussion list is for everyone who writes, narrates, rents, buys or listens to audiobooks and all other forms of spoken word audio.


A fun bit of Free doggrel

No Substitute for Wool (read by: David Mitchell) 1Mb mono 128Kbps.


CoolBeat goes Bohemian!

CoolBeat also embraces authors of a "New Age", metaphysical bent. If you have a book or manuscript on the subjects of forgotten lore, spiritual exploration, alternative ideas, beatnik values, etc.; we want to hear from you.

View our current offerings of "New Age" audiobooks.


Peace is Cool... We want to spread the word!

Download this FREE beatnik poem entitled Dale's Words of Peace 2Mb mono 128Kbps.

For more Free "words of peace", harmony, connectedness, and planetary love; visit


"Save a tree... download a book."
-- Dale Rich, co-owner of CoolBeat

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory show a relative savings in production and transportation energy costs and related carbon dioxide emissions of 40 to 80 percent, when you purchase a digital eAudiobook download instead of a physical CD in a plastic case.


Food for thought:

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.