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What am I buying?

What kind of files are you selling?

We are selling downloadable MP3 audio computer files.

After making your payment, you download the file from the Internet to your computer hard drive, by clicking on the link provided. Once the file is on your computer, you may play it with your computers MP3 file playing software (such as Windows Media Player). If for some strange reason your computer is not yet equiped with an MP3 file player, there are several that can be downloaded from the Internet or purchased from your local computer store.

Am I forced to use only my computer to listen to my files?

Advanced computer users with the necessary computer software and hardware may copy their files to any electronic device of their choice (as many copies as desired, but only for the original file purchasers personal use). For example, persons with portable MP3 players (such as "iPods"), can transfer their files to the player through their devices' file transfer software (such as "iTunes"). Please refer to your specific hardware and software instruction manuals for details.

Can I give my file to someone else?

Unfortunately NO. Due to the quasi-virtual nature of downloadable files, there is no way to track legitimate ownership beyond the original purchaser. For this reason, all of our downloadable files are non-transferable.

If transfer is necessary, we suggest purchasing physical versions of our audiobooks. Bookstores can order our physical CDs through the distributor "Baker & Taylor" (800-775-1800).

Can I buy a file for someone else?

YES, through our "Audiotagz tm" program. You purchase the audiotag (a type of gift card) yourself, then give it to the other person. Using the Audiotag, the other person can then download their own personal copy of the audiobook, as if they had purchased it with their own money. For more information about acquiring Audiotagz, please contact us directly.

What happens when I click the "Download Now" button?

Notice: If you click the button (enter the FIRST ClickBank screen) by accident, don't worry. You will not be charged yet. Just use your browsers "back" button to return to the previous screen.

When you are ready to buy, and you click on "Download Now", you will be taken to a secure payment webpage operated by ClickBank [see figure 1]. We will use the purchase of CoolBeat file 001 (Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death) in this step-by-step example.

(figure 1 - Secure Payment Form)

figure 1

On the first ClickBank page, select your Country from the menu, and type in your postal (zip) code. Next choose your method of payment (if PayPal, you will be sent to another screen). We will assume for this example that you will be paying with a Credit Card; so fill in your name (as it appears on your Credit Card) and a private email address where ClickBank can send a purchase receipt. Now type in your Credit Card number, select the expiration date from the menu, and type in your validation code.

If everything is in order, click on the "click once to pay now" button. Once you press this button, your Credit Card will be charged, and you will be taken to a second ClickBank webpage [see figure 2].

(figure 2 - Payment Confirmation page)

figure 2

This second ClickBank page is merely a confirmation, informing you that your Credit Card has been charged. You will also be sent an email with the same information. When you click on the "click here to complete your order" button, you will be returned to a CoolBeat webpage from which you can download your file, through the Internet, onto your computer [see figure 3].

(figure 3 - Audiobook File Download page)

figure 3

* Serious "blocking" bug in older Spybot S&D *

There is a serious bug in older versions of Spybot S&D which may prevent you from visiting the ClickBank audiobook purchase page. Users of Internet Explorer who are also using an older version of Spybot S&D, and find that nothing happens when they click on the link to buy the audiobook, must first take these simple steps before they can purchase a CoolBeat audiobook through ClickBank:

  1. In Internet Explorer, open the "Tools" pulldown-menu and choose the "Spybot - Search Destroy Configuration" selection.
  2. In the Dialog Box, choose the "Settings" Tab, go the the "When encountering bad things:" section, and choose the settings option "Ask for blocking confirmation.".
  3. Select the "OK" Button at the bottom of the "Spybot-S&D - Configuration" Dialog Box.

Now, when you click on a link to buy your audiobook, you will be presented with a Dialog Box. Choose the "Allow" Button, and continue to choose the "Allow" Button, until you finish your purchase and reach the CoolBeat "Download" page.

* Serious "download" bug in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser *

There is a serious bug in Internet Explorer in which file downloads inexplicably become corrupted. You will receive no warning from the browser that the download has failed! However, if a file download appears to be progressing properly, but then before the estimated completion time it unexpectedly "finishes", that is a good indication that this failure has occurred. This Article provides additional information about the problem.

To make another attempt at downloading your file once this corruption occurs, you must first delete the corrupted file and then:

  1. In Internet Explorer, open the "Tools" pulldown-menu and choose the "Internet Options" selection.
  2. In the Dialog Box, choose the "General" Tab, go the "Temporary Internet files" section, and click on the "Delete Files..." Button.
  3. Another Dialog Box will pop-up, where you will confirm the deletion by clicking on the "OK" Button.

With the "cache" now cleared, download your file again in the same manner as you did before.