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The Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants
by: Eros Urides

Read by: Peter Jahns -- Time: 2 hours 34 minutes

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Dictated through the mediumship of J.L. Kennon, Eros Urides describes his beautiful Martian homeworld where loving Martians, living the Christ-Life, enjoy a perfect Utopian Socialist Society.
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[Adult - revelation] Originally published 1920.

Edited by: Alex Panzer
Cover by: Kristen Tuttle

Earth is becoming a menace to neighboring planets. The Martians are concerned. But rather than send invading fleets of heat-ray wielding giant tripods, the Martians want to help. Eros Urides, a dead Martian from the City of Urid (which is located adjacent to a reservoir just north of the equator), has sent his spirit as an envoy, to enlighten the millions of God's children on Earth who are enthralled in darkness.


  1. The Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants
  2. Population Centers, Temperature, Climate
  3. The Martian Canal System
  4. Planetary Economy
  5. Property and Property Rights
  6. Distribution of Commodities
  7. Clairvoyant Visions of Mars
  8. Knowledge of God Comes From Within
  9. Mars Has No Political System
  10. Mars is Ruled By Love
  11. Education and Training of the Individual
  12. Vocational Determination, School Age, Marriage and Science
  13. Music an Expression of the Father
  14. Aeronautics, Inhabited Planets, Sectarianism
  15. Life an Attribute of the Entire Universe; the Planet Jupiter
  16. The Risen Christ
  17. Physical Environment the Result of Spiritual Causes
  18. Material Life a Lesson
  19. A Martian Home
  20. Art
  21. Scientific Sophistry

About the author:

Mr. J.L. Kennon wrote the actual book, but it was the Martian Eros Urides who dictated the content. Eros even helped Mr. Kennon, through short trances, experience brief clairvoyant visions of Mars.


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ISBN 978-1-937880-07-1

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Audience = Adult 16+
Fiction Subject = Revelation
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DDC = 300 (Social sciences)
BISAC = OCC003000 (BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Channeling)

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